A downloadable Fishual Novel for Windows

It ain't easy bein' fishy!

The FOURTH entry in the absolutely fishy Fishual Novel series!

  Experience a mundane day of sentient fish life and meet the peculiar inhabitants of underwater society through the perspective of Jun, a human who discovered the hidden fish civilization and long time visitor, while accompanied by her best tophat-wearing fish pal, Kv, as they blow another fortune on another one of their gags. This time... a Fish Cafe!

 A  NaNoRenO 2019 submission.


Features : -

- Only one ending. Yep, it's linear. No actual choice.

- A notebook that updates with scribbles without telling you.

- A cute crayon style.

- Fish.



Art, writing and coding by Kindvirus


- Royalty Free Music from Bensound.

- Traditional Mussette of a French Accordion.

- Small samples from various japanese city pop songs. (Taeko Ohnuki - Siena, Junko Yagami - zyohanasubargu, Taeko Ohnuki - 色彩都市)

-Various sounds from freesound.org under Creative Commons

-All the fish characters are voiced by Kindvirus


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You can find the other Fishual Novels  here.

You can also find me on twitter for occassional art posts or game updates.

I may plan to update this Fishual Novel with additional in-game days, so consider following if you want to see more.

Install instructions

Download FishCafe.zip and unzip and execute FishCafe.exe


FishCafe.zip 56 MB


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Awesome funny (and punny) fishual novel! I definitely recommend! :)